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She Bush, 2015, AirSpace Projects

Sally Clarke, She Bush exhibition view, 2015. Image: Fiona Susanto

Breakdown, 2013, Factory 49

Sally Clarke, Surface Mail, 2013, cardboard. Image: Luminiere Imaging

Power Play, 2012, Factory 49, Sydney

Sally Clarke, Power Play, 2012, floor vinyl cardboard tube, installation view. Image: Luminiere Imaging

The Transplanted bush 2004-2008

Sally Clarke, Dismemberments: The Road to Brewongle, 2004, acrylic on canvas 101 x 137cm. Image: Michel Brouet

Figs in Space, 2001

Sally Clarke and Brenda Factor, Figs in Space, 2001, nylon fabric and blowers, The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne. Image: Sally Clarke